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July 2018
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Your Hollywood Friends and Neighbors goes on indefinate hiatus as Bunny and Coco head to Omaha for work. In the final episode, they offer their guide to what is worth doing in Hollywood, and discuss how Hollywood can be anywhere you are.

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Bunny and Coco discuss the sounds of Hollywood, explore whether Lizard People live under Los Angeles, visit the Hollywood Forever cemetery, and tell you where to look for a good cocktail.

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Bunny and Coco debunk popular misconceptions about Hollywood, discuss munkins, go to the Hollywood Museum, and offer advice as to how to add more glamor to your life.

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Bunny and Coco discuss earthquakes, feral Hollywood chickens, the strangest porn film ever made, and how to have an interesting life.

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Bunny and Coco visit the Grauman Egyptian Theater and discuss Hollywood's weird occult decorative sensibility; they talk about Hollywood dogs who just give up on their daily walks; and they discuss classic Hollywood trash films "Hollywood Boulvard" and "Eating Raoul." Plus: Throw your own film premiere!

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Bunny and Coco discuss special deals, flapper slang, military camps, and two of the trashiest movies ever made about Hollywood that star Jack Lemmon's son. Also: Party advice!

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In this special episode, Coco recounts her experiences with Pixar when she posted a video onto YouTube in which she cries at the trailer for Wall-E.

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Bunny and Coco go for a walk through Hollywood and find a crazy porn theater; Bunny and Coco discover they are part of the Hollywood Friend Festival; advice to new writers -- write trash.

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This week Bunny and Coco discuss ad ads for worse jobs, good promotions for crazy plays, more flapper slang, and great dogs and Susan Orlean.

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Bunny and Coco return from Omaha to Hollywood with a mini episode. Topics include flight adventures, flapper slang, how it is easier to find old Hollywood outside of Los Angeles, and relationship advice.

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